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It might seem like just one more thing you have to squeeze into your schedule, but providing regular maintenance for your vehicle will always pay off in improving performance and increasing the efficiency of your engine. With help from P & W BMW, you can get the most from your BMW.

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Oil Changes For Optimal Performance Near Mount Lebanon Synthetic oil caused a quiet revolution in oil changes, allowing drivers to enjoy high-quality oil performance that extends the time between oil changes. Always refer to your owner’s manual for the optimal oil types for your high-performance BMW engine. Your manual will also lay out the appropriate schedule for getting an oil change, although if you own an SUV and use it for towing or other intensive work, you may want to change your oil more often.

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Schedule Your Service Today and view our specials for service and parts. It’s easy to schedule any service you need online. At P & W BMW, our focus is on providing superior care for your BMW whether you need routine care or unexpected repairs. Book an appointment for a time that works with your busy schedule using our website. We’re ready to get to work right away so you can get back to enjoying your BMW.

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Tire Service Near Squirrel Hill

If your BMW is brand new, needing a new set of tires may seem a long way off, but there are things you can do right now to get the most out of your current set. You can monitor your tire pressure via dash readout or using a manual gauge. Keep the pressure between the parameters laid out in your owner's manual to avoid developing areas exposed to greater wear. Scheduling regular tire rotations will also avoid wearing tires unevenly. Both of these simple tasks can extend tire lifespan while helping you to avoid the most common cause of flats and blowouts.

Brake Service In The Fox Chapel Area

Most Gibsonia area drivers are familiar with the shrill squeak that indicates your brake pads are worn thin. It's best to schedule an appointment right away, as driving for too long with spent brake pads can cause permanent and expensive damage to your rotors.

While brake pads remain the most obvious maintenance issue in your braking system, you'll also need an occasional flush of the hydraulic lines, replacing aging brake fluid with a fresh supply. The lines are typically airtight, but no system is fully sealed, and moisture eventually penetrates the fluid, causing it to degrade. Air can also find its way into the lines, requiring a process of removal known as bleeding the brakes.

Drivers also used to need specific oil weights for seasonal temperature changes. While that is less the case these days, it may still be a consideration under certain circumstances. Consult your technician for advice about oil weights for summer and winter driving. If you don't put many miles on your BMW throughout the year, you'll still need to give it an oil change.

Your oil will take on moisture and dust, both of which cause damage in their own ways. Dust is an abrasive, while moisture breaks down the oil, reducing its lubricant properties. Reaching highway speeds can help to burn off this moisture, but it's still advised to change your oil, even if you haven't reached the mileage threshold.

The Importance of Routine Maintenance in Pittsburgh

Other routine maintenance can include engine inspections focusing on the state of wear in your belts, gaskets and hoses. Battery wellness checks can help to catch a failing battery before it leaves you stranded. As your vehicle ages, things like spark plugs, struts and differentials need inspecting, while transfer case fluid, serpentine and timing belt replacement will be necessary.

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