Are you enthusiastic about BMW? With a long history of excellence in engineering and the production of luxurious, performance-oriented vehicles with a sleek, upscale feel, who wouldn't love BMW vehicles? You're in luck -- a lot of people share your passion, and you can have the opportunity to meet like-minded people in the Allegheny Chapter of the BMW Car Club of America.

Allegheny Chapter of the BMW Car Club of America

Based in Western Pennsylvania, the Allegheny chapter of the club is one of 67 chapters across the United States that make up the largest association of BMW owners and enthusiasts in the world. Founded as far back at 1969, with meetings once or twice a month and over 900 members, the Allegheny chapter alone provides ample opportunity for BMW drivers to meet and discuss their favorite BMWs, new or old.

Events and Activities

The BMW Car Club of America typically offers plenty of fun activities and events for members, but this spring, starting in May, drivers will have the opportunity to enter the world of Auto Cross. At the Pittsburgh International Race Complex, members will get the chance to drive their BMWs in a setting where the sky is the limit. Of course, there are other events as well -- spring cleaning, meetings for coffee, and the Annual Spring Drive and Fall Leaves events.

Seasonal Tours

Every year, for the Spring Drive event, members are welcomed to join a procession of BMWs along a planned route, where you can enjoy the warm weather of spring on the open road, showing off your car among similar vehicles. And of course, there's also the Fall Leaves Tour, where members similarly drive in a succession of beautiful BMWs while enjoying the mild fall weather, ending on a beautiful scenic picnic and social event.

If you're looking for an enthusiastic, friendly, welcoming crowd of people from all walks of life united over their shared love of BMW, check out the Allegheny chapter of the BMW Car Club of America and stop by P&W BMW to learn more about BMW and the BMW car club right here in Pittsburgh.