When you come to P&W BMW's Collision Center, we follow a very detailed process to ensure that we take the best care of your BMW and of you. We work hard to ensure that despite the stress of having an accident, we are able to make your repair process as enjoyable as we can. Check out our detailed auto repair process and how coming to P&W Collision Center is a step above the rest.

Step 1: Assess Your Needs and Prepare Documentation

This step starts with a free computerized estimate. We also ensure that your insurance company received your accident report and confirm your insurance claim number. We visually identify what materials are required to repair your car. Then, we verify your insurance coverage and go over the payments with you. We will schedule your auto repairs, give you a projected completion day, and will then present you with a Repair Order for you to verify and sign. 

Step 2: Obtain Your Parts and Begin Repairs

We order the auto parts required for your repair as soon as we have the Repair Order signed. It's normally about 2 days to get the parts in house. We then will begin the repair process of removing the damaged parts. We will inspect for hidden damage and inform you and your insurance company of any additional fees.

Step 3: Body Repairs are Completed and Prepared for Processing

Once we replace or repair all damaged parts are repaired, then your vehicle is given a final inspection to ensure that everything is correct. We then prep your car for a factory quality paint finish by cleaning the parts, sanding, priming, sealing, and masking it.

Step 4: Painting (Color and Clear Coats)

We expertly mix new paint that matches your car's color and begin to apply multiple coasts to the repaired areas. We then cover the new paint with clear coats for protection and gloss. The newly painted area is then baked/cured to help speed up the dry time and ensure extra durability.

Step 5: Final Vehicle Assembly

Final parts are put together, repainted areas of your car are sanded and polished. Your car is inspected again to ensure that your BMW's repair meets the highest standards. We then ensure that we wash your car.

Step 6: Customer Notification, Review, and Delivery

We confirm with you that repairs are completed and schedule a time for you to take delivery of your good as new car. We get together with you to go over any questions you have, to review the repairs completed, ensure your happiness with the repairs, and address any payments still needing to be processed.

As you can see, our P&W Collision Center process is very extensive and detailed. We work to make this repair process as easy on you as possible and to help get you into your good as new BMW. Please give us a call with any questions you may have at (855) 446-8546 to schedule an appointment today. Thank you for choosing P&W BMW's Collision Center.